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Attempted hold-up

In my earlier post I mentioned an attempted hold-up at the local branch of the bank I work for. Here's the article from news.com.au, complete with a link to the official police footage, taken from the CCTV cameras. Scary stuff!

The noise of him running into the doors made the counter staff look up; upon seeing the gun in his hands they immediately activated the screens. The would-be robber, realising that he wasn't going to get anything, then fled the premises empty-handed.
I felt sorry for the Customer Service Specialist who sits in a little "pod" in the centre of the branch floorspace. The gunman drew level with her desk before turning tail; she was feeling really vulnerable at that point.
You're always aware of the possibility of a hold-up, but I guess until you've experienced one you never understand exactly how terrifying they can be.
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