miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

Cold and wet is my world...

... but we didn't let that stop us. Instead we went to Harrod's. Well, we're tourists, aren't we? And we're doing all the touristy things. The size of it impressed me no end, as did the service received. And I now have a Harrods loyalty card! God knows what I'll ever do with it though.
I bought a pocket-sized camera and was pretty pleased to find I can claim back the tax paid when I leave the country.

Morning tea at Harrods

Scones weren't supposed to be available until 3pm but we asked nicely. It was more an early lunch than a late morning tea, being 12.30 when we sat down to eat. Had to test out the new camera of course.

We're staying in for dinner tonight, braving the restaurant downstairs, as it's still pretty wet outside. Forecast is for the weather to improve; I'll look forward to that.
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