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London, Day 3

...and the sun's out!It gets higher quicker here than at home, which was an interesting change.
Did the Towers today; the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Took far too many photos of each, but I'd rather have too many than not enough.

Tower, from road

This is the sight that greets you as you stagger out of the darkness. Just amazing.

And this is where the Crown Jewels are kept -

The Crown jewels

I have lots of photos of the Tower complex, a lot of which I've loaded to my facebook page. So if you're interested in seeing, and you're signed up / willing to sign up to facebook, drop me a line at miwahni at gmail dot com and I'll send you my facebook id.

Also blown away by the Tower Bridge -

The bridge

See the walkway, right at the top, between the two towers? Climbed interminable steps to reach that walkway. I'm not ashamed to say that my legs were like jelly by the time I'd reached the top! Did the return trip via the roadway :

On the bridge

And then - talk about timing. Just about to venture across and we were stopped from proceeding, and herded back behind a security gate, as the bridge had to open to allow a tall-masted yacht to pass -

Bridge opening

How cool was that.

And could the day get any better, do you think? Why yes, yes it could! We had tickets for the stage production of Hair in the West End. It was brilliant. Had to ignore the prattling of a couple of twats in the seats behind us, who were dribbling on about the lack of plot (what? were we watching the same play?) but otherwise - just great.
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