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Robin Hood Prince of Thieves is on tv. Wouldn't normally bother watching but I'd forgotten that it stars Alan Rickman. It's worth suffering through Kevin Costner just for that.
Always wondered what happened to Rolf Harris, and now I know; he's starring in insurance ads on UK tv....

On the drive this afternoon my sister was starting to get sleepy, but she didn't want to pull over. We still had about 20 miles to go to reach Edinburgh and she wanted me to keep her awake. "Okay," says I, "we could always sing. I'll start us off...My mind is clearer now...."

It had the desired effect. After roaring with laughter, we spent the rest of the trip singing "Jesus Christ Superstar". Much like we used to do when I attended boarding school, which was a good three hour drive from home. Too many years ago than I'd like to remember, but we knew the rock opera word for word and would sing it from start to finish, to make the trip pass more quickly.

I don't understand tipping. Is there a set formula to work out how much one should tip? It's not done in OZ and I don't want to offend simply because I don't understand. Help?
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