miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

It's rain, Jim, but not as we know it.

Misty, persistent drizzle dampened things today.
My Lonely Planet guide is woefully out of date, being two years old now. It promised a laundromat in a particular location, but it was long gone, replaced by a cafe. So after asking directions from a friendly native we walked...and walked...and walked until we found somewhere to wash the last week's clothes.
The plan was to visit Edinburgh castle but by the time we walked back uptown we were both way too tired to even think about it, instead collapsing gratefully back into the car. So no photos today; just a few streetscapes I took due to my fascination with architecture and the spaces that people live in.
Note to travellers - we'd be lost, literally and figuratively, without a satnav. Get one, it's worth the investment.
Payback is a bitch! My sister's phone went off at 3am the other morning, when her son rang to see if she was okay and didn't check the time difference first. So tonight, sitting at the pub waiting for dinner, we worked out that it was 4am in Sydney - and she rang him, just to make sure he was okay.... *g*

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