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going to Penrith, brb (Post #1)

Brougham Castle was amazing. It's been empty for centuries but there's still enough of it left to get a good feel for the place.

Brougham castle

This is Brougham Castle, just south of Penrith. It was occupied from the 1300s on to the late 1600s but has since fallen into disrepair.

Ceiling, Brougham Castle

Part of the ceiling details. Unreal to think that so much has survived for all these hundreds of years.

19th century graffiti Brougham

19th century graffiti. It's so neat that we thought it was "official" but we've been assured it is not. The early equivalent of the graffiti artists' tag, I guess.

Stairs to castle keep, Brougham

Staircase to the top of the castle keep. It's narrow, winding, and with a very low ceiling.


Old wall, with plants clinging tenaciously anywhere they can get a foothold.

View from castle keep

View from the top, really worth the climb.

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