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UK day 10

In Altrincham tonight, a southern suburb of Manchester. We went for a walk when we arrived so that I could take some streetscapes. I love seeing how other people live.

Started today's journey from the Westmoreland Hotel at Tebay. They sell handmade soaps and bath products at the hotel, and profits go to support research (?) into Hereford sheep, which dot the area. I bought a lemongrass soap; would have loved a sheep mug but I didn't think it would travel too well.


That's the hotel. It was lovely, with brilliant service. By far the nicest place we've stayed so far.

And this is where we had dinner tonight - The George and Dragon -


Really good food, lots of it. I'm full to bursting after a meal of duck pate followed by chicken and mushroom pie.

For some reason photobucket is going really slowly tonight so I won't tax it any longer - one final piccie to post - went to Marks & Sparks and bought some knickers -

That's it. My UK experience is now complete. *g* Nothing I do over the next 20 days could top buying knickers at M&S.
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