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day 12, Liverpool Cathedral ( post #2)

Finished the afternoon off at the Liverpool Cathedral, which took 74 years to complete and is the second-largest cathedral in the world. It is absolutely stunning and my photos could never do it justice so I've chosen just a couple for posting.

Looming above the entrance, this strangely-modest figure

Statue Liverpool cathedral

Inside the cathedral -

Stained glass Liverpool Cathedral
Elaborate stained glass soars hundreds of feet high.

Main altar
The main altar is backed by an intricately-worked gold panel.

Liverpool Cathedral

stair end detail Liverpool Cathedral
Elaborately-carved finials(?) (is that the correct term? The final balustrade at the end of a set of stairs)

In the graveyard outside the cathedral, many headstones display an anchor motif:

Anchor motif on gravestone Liverpool
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