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A few photos of yesterday's excursion; visits to Tintagel and our trip then to Lands End.

Tintagel was awesome; not so much the ruins themselves but the sense that "history" was coming alive; I could imagine Merlin smuggling the newborn prince out of the castle through one of the many caves.

Old archway over entrance, now collapsed:
Ruined arched doorway Tintagel

The ruined castle itself only (!) dates from the 12th century, but the keep contains ruins that are much, much older, believed to be foundations of an earlier building dating back to the 5th century:
Ruined keep, Tintagel

12th century ruins are still impressive, though -
Ruined castle, Tintagel

... and the ocean around the castle is the most intense blue I've seen:
To the sea

Wildflowers Tintagel

After poking around Tintagel for hours we headed south to Lands End, the most south-westerly point of the UK -

Lands End

A bleak, wind-swept place it is, too. Onwards then to our accommodation for the night - the Cape Cornwall Golf and Leisure club, two miles out of St.Just down a tiny winding country lane, set right on the coast. The road in:

St. Just main street

Our room:

Our room Cape Cornwall

The place is built in a converted farmhouse and it's absolutely charming (except for the yahoos in the next room who partied - noisily - until well after midnight) Entry to our room -

Entry to our room Cape Cornwall
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