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Day 20 - quieter than most

Didn't do any regular sight-seeing today; our first priority, upon reaching Exeter, was to find a laundromat and get some washing done. That filled the morning, followed by a long lazy lunch in the sun.

It was lovely walking in the sunshine.
This picture, to me, was perfect for an English summers day -

Village cricket Topsham

Topsham itself is an interesting jumble of buildings and a lot of eateries. The village was having a food and wine fair so the place was fairly jumping. We wandered through the streets, checking out the shops. One antique shop in particular had me fretting that I couldn't get all the stuff I wanted home; just as well for my bank account really. I did find an interesting cloisonne matchbox cover for my stepmum who collects them; I hope she likes it.

Two views of the main street -

Topsham main street

Topsham main street

Such a pretty place!
I had to photograph this sign on a front door which opened directly onto the street -

Door sign Topsham
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