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UK day 21 Post #2 - Weymouth, for my Aussie friends

Weymouth is a popular holiday spot, and it's the typical English beach as we are brought up to believe they look. It's everything you'd expect!

Just look at this. Firstly - pebbles! One end of the beach, at least. The other end opens up into sand.

Pebbly beach Weymouth

This beach has everything you'd expect to find on an English beach.

Punch and Judy
Punch and Judy! And donkey rides!

Donkey rides
How good is that.

Also, beach huts that could be hired for ten pounds per day -
Beach huts for hire

And deck chairs, which you could hire for one pound 80p, but couldn't take onto the sand -
Deckchairs for hire

This was unexpected; a memorial to the A.I.F soldiers who passed through Dorset's hospitals and training centres. The opposite side was dedicated to the NZ forces.

AIF memorial

Finally, the White Horse of Osmington Hill - carved into the hillside in around 1808, it's a representation of King George III on horseback. We could see this from the beach.
White horse of Osmington HIll
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