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A minor diversion

So, my lovely flisters, read any good Pros fic lately? I haven't, and here's why....

My visit to Cardiff, and seeing the Ianto Jones memorial wall, inspired me to dust off my Torchwood series one dvds. I bought them just prior to the events of series three, which made me reconsider investing any emotional energy into something that doesn't end well, regardless of how necessary or true to the characters the ending might be.

Well. I'm loving this show, hugging it to my chest and patting its head. It really makes me think, and it's smart and funny too, and slightly cracky without ever actually jumping the shark (although at times it goes perilously close to donning the wetsuit and strapping on the water skis!)

And there's fic, lots of it, bright shiny fic to dive headfirst into. I'm still working my way through byslantedlight's fic recommendations - which are excellent, btw - and the stories recced on crack_van.

Series two and three arrived in the mail yesterday. Hopefully I'll get to watch them over the next couple of weekends; and then I'll be needing Pros fic, lots of light, fluffy Pros fic, to help me over it. Pros is like comfort food, only without the calories.

ETA: did I read somewhere that there was a third series of The Cuckoo Waltz, or did I dream it?
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