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Lost Days

Six days since I last updated this, I've been slack.
Thursday - had a quiet day at work, cleared my desk in preparation for having Friday off.
Friday - bathed cat, got into car, headed to Coffs Harbour. Got to Sue's after a four-hour uneventful trip. Funny to be back, everything still looks really familiar, as if I'd only been gone a matter of weeks rather than months.
Saturday - off to Kempsey, caught up with APN at the cat show, Princess Fatty Kitten acquitted herself well with a second, a fourth and a fifth placing, plus Best of Breed in all three rings. Way to go, PFK. Planned an early night as I was buggered but it wasn't to be, sat up watching Olympics instead.
Sunday - morning came too quickly, thanks to PFK who decided, while still dark, to bury the remains of her dinner. I woke to her persistent scratching of the tarp that I had her plates on. After about an hour and a half of this nonsense I sat up, reached down and opened the door of her travel cage. She thought (rightly) I was about to put her in it, and bolted under the bed. I grabbed her when she came out, about ten minutes later, and threw her into the cage. She spent the next half an hour scratching at the cage door. Finally, in desperation, I took the quilt off the bed and threw it over the cage. By this time it was after 7am. I pulled the remaining covers back up over my head and grabbed another hour sleep.
Got away from Sue's at 10, back home here by 2.20, in time to watch the V8s from Oran Park.
Monday - back to the daily grind. Received a wonderful email from area manager, thanking me for my contribution to the area's profit after writing 35 loans for the month of July. Trouble is, I didn't. I emailed back and confessed. Only 12, I'm afraid!

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