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Just my thinky-thoughts, babbling out.

Another trip to Southport for a one-on-one meeting tomorrow, which is bothering me on a few levels.

Firstly, time out of the office is time not spent doing business. And maybe I won't miss out on a walk-in, or a phone call... but maybe I will, too. After taking seven weeks off, I really need every deal I can get.

Secondly, I have enough on my desk at the moment to keep me busy, and being out of the office for the one-hour drive each way plus the time of the meeting itself will mean a backlog of calls to return, emails to respond to, plus actual work to get done. Oh who am I fooling, that's just what I'm telling myself, because of reason #3 -

Thirdly, a few months ago a couple of lending officers were called in for one-on-ones, which turned out to be for the purpose of announcing their redundancy. Worrying, much? I know my boss's boss has told me that it's not going to happen to me, but there's still that niggly little worry at the back of my mind. Things do change!

Not that long ago I suggested to my boss that I'd look kindly on a redundancy, but the thought of actually having it happen makes me feel cold inside. I'd get over a year's pay, which should be more than enough to live on until I find another job, but it's the emotional impact of losing a job that worries me, just not sure how I'd deal with that. How perverse is that; one minute putting my hand up for consideration, and the next freaking out over it.

Ah well, worse things happen at sea....
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