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LJ Fix!

Thanks to trepkos who pointed me towards saifai's brilliant entry explaining how to remove the ticky boxes for cross-posting to Facebook and Twitter. It took less than a minute to effect the changes and as you can see - no more ticky-boxes! It won't stop those who have elected to auto-share everything, or have enabled the "View in own style" feature, but those who pick and choose what to cross-post won't have that option. Permission has been given to share this information, so if you're worried at all about this, do the following:

Go to the main menu and click Journal >> Journal Style >> Customise your theme >> Custom CSS . Post the following code into the code box:

/* ---FB-Twitter Comment Ticky Fix--- */
.b-repost-items, .b-repost-item, .b-repost-item IMG, #entry-form-wrapper .b-repost-item, b-repost-item-fb {
display: none;

.b-repost-item .repost_disabled {
color: #CCC;
display: none;

It should work on Plus, Paid and Permanent accounts.

ETA: read comments for an even better fix!
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