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I don't normally pay any attention to dreams - mainly because I rarely remember them! - but this one was so weird....

I had a really strange dream last night. At the start I was sitting at a large round dark timber table, with Sue E, Julie F, and Dee. Susie N was sitting on a velvet lounge chair alongside me, and she was crying. I'm not exactly sure why she was sad but I thought at the time it was something to do with her feeling lonely. I reached down and gave her a hug, and asked her to come over to my place for dinner that night as I was having a few other people over. She said she would.

There was a tv remote control unit sitting on the arm of the lounge chair and I put it in my bag. I had to leave, and as I got up to go, Julie told me she had a dead cat in the freezer, and asked if I could take it to the vet for an autopsy as she didn't know why it died. I said I'd do it, and rang the vet to make an appointment.

I turned up at the vet's at the appointed time, 4pm, and the waiting room was crammed full. The vet nurse showed me into a side room and asked me to wait there with a couple of other people. I waited so long that the cat thawed out, and it was alive! I couldn't work out how that happened and just sat there for a while with this dear little aby crawling all over me. Then the vet nurse asked me if I could leave the cat there for a while, so I decided to go jogging until it was time to pick the cat back up.

I was jogging down a country road, and two men started jogging alongside me. One of them was really close, and he kept reaching out and touching me. I repeatedly asked him to stop but he wouldn't. For some reason I didn't have a shirt on, just a bra and shorts, and he reached across and tried to unhook my bra. At that point I stopped running and decided to do a real 'girl-thing' ie I screamed my lungs out. People came out from houses everywhere, and the man backed off. He and his mate turned and ran back in the direction we'd come from.

Finally I arrived home with the cat. I was late; my nephew and niece were waiting for me and Dee was in the kitchen with Susie. I got the remote control out of my bag and tried to turn on the tv but it turned out to be a mobile phone which automatically dialled Sue E's place. Weird. So I used it to ring Julie F and tell her that I had her cat.

On a totally different note - watched the Starsky and Hutch movie tonight. If I could forget that they were trying to take the piss out of one of my favourite shows, it was a treat to watch Owen Eye-Candy Wilson and the intense Ben Stiller acting the fool as usual.

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