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Rinse, repeat

Grand final day in the AFL - I can't believe it ended in a draw. I've been so keyed-up all week, waiting for today, and could barely breathe while watching the game, and now I have to do it all again next Saturday! I can't begin to imagine how the players must feel.

Peter McKenna

Peter McKenna drop punt

Way back in the early 70s, this guy was my hero. Long black hair, bright blue eyes, and footy shorts so tight they appeared painted on!

Funny but true - growing up in NSW, which was/is a real Rugby League state, my family had very little knowledge of that game. When I was about eight years old, every Twisties packet had a small plastic Rugby League football inside, dressed in team colours. I remember asking my mum about the one I'd got, which was adorned with green and red stripes and featured a white rabbit, with the title "Rabbitohs" emblazoned across it. "Oh," said mum, "that's the Rabb-EET-ohs (her pronunciation), they're an Italian team."
How the other kids laughed at me.... *g*

It's been a funny week too. I spent some time sorting through files for a team member who left us a couple of weeks ago, and will be flitting between my branch and his while his replacement is in training over the next fortnight. Not that I mind; the branch is within walking distance of home. I finished yesterday there, knocked off at my usual time, did my week's grocery shopping and was still home before 6pm. Yay for early marks!
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