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Dickens never said it better...

well okay it wasn't exactly the worst of times, but the last week certainly had a mix of highs and lows.

High points:

* meeting the incredible newsy891, all the way from the US, and her lovely man falcadore for the first time. Had a wonderful evening! {hugs}

* Collingwood! I think I've said it all there

* a visit from good friends who are staying for the weekend

* Ikea is always fun

* dinner with The Boy on Tuesday which should become a semi-regular thing

The low points were all to do with work and I really don't want to dredge them all up again. Time enough to revisit them when I get back in tomorrow morning. Things have got to get better soon!

Hope you all had a tremendous, fun weekend and are feeling recharged, ready to jump with both feet into the new week.
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