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Quote of the week

from the V8 Supercars comes from the 6'+ Steve Johnson, when asked about driver changes with 5'6" Franchitti - "I don't get out - he hops in on my lap, and off we go!" His sense of humour must be genetic; some of his father's more memorable quotes today, when talking about his 1981 Tru-Blu Falcon, included "it's like a dog on lino" and "the gearshift's like a teaspoon in a bowl of custard". Very descriptive turn of phrase.

Anyway. Last week I mentioned that Snooker and Chicken love each other.

Couldn't resist taking these three photos; all of them were taken this morning and they show exactly how much these two cats enjoy each other's company.

In the (empty!) washing basket, on the kitchen table:

Snook Chicken 1

On the spare bed, a little while later:

Snook chicken 2

and on the sofa, Chicken getting as close as she can to Snook:

Snook Chicken 3
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