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It FINALLY aired here! Over three nights, the final ep being televised last night. How good was that?! Not least for the glimpses of London which I'm totally enraptured (by?with?) And this is where I start banging on about John Watson's cable-knit jumpers; have I mentioned how much I love cable-knit jumpers on guys? Okay, that's probably way too much information!
Anyway. DVD ordered, and will await series two ("Going to air soon - in 2011!") with interest.

What else? Went into the city today for a profiling appointment in relation to a job application. That was interesting, to say the least. It comprised a fifteen-minute segment on words and meanings, a twenty minute segment on identifying patterns in numbers, a further twenty minutes identifying patterns in pictures and symbols, and a 164-question yes/no answer format which is used to determine whether you're the right "corporate fit" for the organisation. Which amused me no end; the organisation prides itself on its personal touch with its customer base, yet the first introduction that prospective employees get is based on a computer screen in a windowless room, followed by the promise to call in a couple of days when the results are analysed.

Shopping followed, and then lunch with a friend who works in the city (same bank). All good, right up until we went back to his office and he showed me an email relating to an organisational restructure which effectively reduces the number of reporting areas in my state from three to two, and made my boss redundant. As of today. I tried calling him but he wasn't answering his mobile; it was a job facility phone so it had probably been taken from him already :(
So. Even though I might be testing the job market waters myself, it's a huge shock to find that I no longer work for someone who I trust and respect. I'm feeling very uncertain tonight, and even more sure that I need to look elsewhere.
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