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The gas station where I stop for petrol isn't exactly in the best part of town, ( read SLUM!) but it has the advantage of being on my way home, and also reasonably cheap once the 4cent discount is applied.
Anyway. When I stopped in last week, there was a 80's Ford Falcon so full of Rather Large Gentlemen that the rear wheel arches obscured the wheels above the hubs. Must have been six of them in the car, all huge. And in front of me at the cashier was a guy who put $3 worth of petrol in his car. At today's prices, even with the discount that wouldn't have gotten him far.
Tonight when I topped up I watched in fascination as the guy at the next bowser used the squeegee and bucket, provided for washing windscreens, to wash his entire car. Maybe he doesn't have a hose at home. I dunno. Hell, for all I know he mightn't have a home, and might live in his car.
The real crack-up, though, is the sign next to the cashier's window.
"Due to illegal and immoral acts we are no longer able to offer public toilets. We apologise for any inconvenience."
Apart from being a really bad pun, I find myself wondering just what, exactly, was going on in those toilets. I think my imagination is up to the task.

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