miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

Double drabble

Title: Let Fall the Tear of Time
Author: Miwahni
Pairing: GEN
Rating: PG13
Characters: 11th Doctor, Gwen, Rhys, Jack, Andy POV
Warning: Death of a character alluded to, set after CoE (AUish)
Summary: In the aftermath of CoE, Jack and team head north to Torchwood Two.
Disclaimer: If I owned these guys Ianto would still be alive.

The first time we stopped it was at Birmingham, after two hours up the M6 in the early fog. The Doctor paid for our breakfast, calmly, and the smear on his tweed jacket was moisture from the clammy drizzle, nothing sinister, nothing to remind anyone of things better left unremarked.

The second time we stopped, nearly three hours later, Rhys paid for our lunch. I’d brought the SUV to a halt in Penrith; Rhys and Gwen were whispering in the back seat and the smear on Gwen’s shirt was bacon grease, or possibly sauce, from their breakfast, and no-one could say any more than that.

The third and final time was when we reached Glasgow, two hours later. No-one asked Jack to pay for our hotel and no-one commented on the smear on his coat, how could you when he wore it like a badge of honour, a medal that could never compensate for his losses but was the only tangible reminder that Ianto had, in fact, existed at all.

No-one talked very much at all, on that long drive north.

Cleaning our clothes would be the easy part. Cleaning the smears off Jack’s soul would take so much longer.
Tags: dr who, drabble, torchwood

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