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Vila - Vanuatu

Two posts tonight - couldn't get online last night for long enough to post.

Vila today, and what a difference from yesterday. Vila is the capital of Vanuatu, another place of outstanding natural beauty although much more developed than Lifou. An unemployment rate of 90% means that Vila is full of idle people, but “island time” rules and nothing happens in a hurry, nothing is too stressful.

Local markets:

Tourist markets:

I’m not missing work, honestly! But if you have to be a mobile lender anywhere, why not here?

These boys swam out to the barge on which we were touring the lagoon, and the tour leader threw them a packet of biscuits. You’d think they’d won a prize, they were that excited.

Finally - our ship, in the harbour:

Tomorrow we're off to Mystery Island - no idea what's happening there.
Tags: cruise, holiday

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