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Summer sales!

Pillows have a use-by date! Who knew?! I was totally tired of waking up numerous times each night and needing to beat my pillows into submission so I took advantage of the post-Christmas sale at Myer & bought a couple of new ones yesterday. Strangely enough they had "replace-by" dates stamped on them; January 2013 to be precise. So, what happens then? *g* What if I'd not bought the pillows until Feb, would I get one less month's use out of them?

They're doing the trick though. Only woke up once last night, and that was due to a hot flush. Pillow was just fine.

And then, today, walking through the shopping centre at lunchtime, what did I find but 1200 thread count sheets. I love my 1000 TC sheets; they're soft and luxurious, so 1200 TC would have to be better again, yes? I'll know soon enough.
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