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Goodbye weekend

Where did you go? Fine weather, which was a change from the last few months and gave me an opportunity to get out into the garden for a bit.

I went to see The King's Speech this afternoon, (mainly because of Geoffrey Rush) and thoroughly enjoyed it. And now I've spent a lazy hour googling King George VI, about whom I knew very little. A lot of literary license taken but still a fascinating glimpse into a privileged lifestyle.

What else? Snooker's been to the vet a couple of times lately - losing a bit of weight and generally looking unkempt. His blood tests show everything in order so without any other symptoms the vet really has nothing to go on. Snook's still eating and running about so there doesn't seem to be too much wrong with him.

The shaving necessary for the blood samples reveals his smoke undercoat rather well -

Shaved Snooky

Sections of both black and white coat were shaved. The black areas abutting the shaved section clearly display the silver undercoat with black banding that are characteristic of a smoke. Usually you have to part his coat to see that colour; he appears to be a black and white otherwise.
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