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Today was one of those Saturdays where nothing spectacular happens but it still feels like a good day. I spent a lot of the day cleaning out kitchen cupboards and rearranging stuff; I was really in the mood to do it and could have done more except that I'd have missed the shops, and I needed to restock.
Apples were back today! That's the one thing I missed more than anything over the last week. The shortages are still in evidence, but nowhere near as bad as last week. No iceberg lettuce or yellow squash but everything else on my shopping list was available. Even grapes were in abundance, and I haven't seen those for a few weeks now.
Something has bitten the back of my left thigh. There are 13 itchy bites currently driving me crazy; they're constantly being irritated by my clothes or the chair I'm sitting on. I've no idea what it was - at first (Thursday morning) I thought it must have been a mosquito but I don't react quite so badly to mozzie bites. I feel okay, so it wasn't anything toxic, but I do wish my leg would stop being quite so itchy.
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