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Don't DO that!

Hopped on the scales this morning and was appalled to see I'd gained nearly two kilos in the last week. Okay, so I had pancakes at the work breakfast last Friday, then there was the pizza at my son's on Saturday night and the fried rice for lunch at the show on Sunday, but still that seemed excessive. Then as I was stepping off I realised Little Dot was standing behind me, with her front feet up on the scales. Without her contribution I'd actually lost a bit. Much better!

Today's mini-poll, on the survey site I visit, asks whether or not the respondent has an inground pool. 1774 respondents have one, 11422 people don't, and a full 29 people don't know. There are 29 people out there who really shouldn't go outside after dark; or if they do, I really hope they can swim.
Tags: how is that even possible, weight
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