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Searching for that elusive perfect job.

Interview on Monday was short and sweet; I really had the impression at the time that they were just going through the motions and already had someone lined up. But then yesterday I received a call to let me know that I'm on the list of serious candidates, so that's something.

Meanwhile, another one that really appeals was advertised yesterday and I've thrown my hat into the ring for that one as well. It's a bit different again; Monday's job interview was for a credit analyst, approving loans for lenders without their own approval authority, while yesterday's ad is for a credit inspection person - it's an audit-type role where you visit branches and check that the loan files hold all the correct documentation. The state manager of the bank offering this role was my area manager both in NSW and here, before he left to join this other organisation in 2006. He's actually one of my referees; I'm hoping that helps me secure an interview at least.

We have a similar dept at my bank, that requests random files be sent to Sydney for checking. It's always a bit unsettling when the email arrives advising that a file has been called, and you never really relax until you receive the next email advising of the file's Satisfactory rating. An Unsatisfactory (or Major Comment as it's called now) means that the dollar value of the loan is deducted from your settlement results when calculating bonus, and too many Unsatisfactories can result in the loss of your DRA, which is pretty serious stuff.
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