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Every cloud has a (silver, somewhat tarnished) lining.

Yesterday was interesting, expressed in terms of the ancient Chinese curse. I had to pick a friend up from the airport at 7am; halfway there my rear driver's side window went on strike and dropped like a stone into the door. Pressing the button to raise it resulted in a bit of a groan from the electrics but with no real result. Of course it was raining too.

At the airport I pulled into the pickup/dropoff area to wait for my friend, but stayed with the car in case the traffic police tried to give me a parking ticket. I couldn't leave the car unattended in a car park with the window down.

On the way back home I detoured through the industrial section of town and found an auto electrician who had a look at the window for me. Turns out the pulley cable and a bracket had broken; the electrics worked just fine but the rest of the assembly was so much junk. He managed to get the window up, with the bracket and pulley cables bodgied up with cable ties, but then pointed out that my car should still be under warranty.
Sure enough. Apparently the warranty starts running from the delivery date (25th May 2008) not the build date (November 2007), so there's still two months remaining of the standard manufacturer's warranty. And on top of that, the original purchaser paid the bit extra for the extended FIVE YEAR warranty! Hopefully I will not have to claim on that, but it's nice to know it's there.

Anyway, car is now booked in at the local dealer's for the work to be done on Wednesday. When I rang up to book it, and told the service manager about the problem, he responded "Oh, is it a 380?" Apparently it's a common problem in this make :( Meanwhile I'm taking it really easy, avoiding bumps in the road etc, and checking constantly to make sure the window's still up.

And after all that, I still love my car... *g*
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