miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

It's the weekend

Rain, rainy rain... has to be the weekend. My car's still clean from its wash last week so I'm not going grocery shopping today, especially after taking the toll road to work all this week in an attempt to avoid roadworks. They've been the major cause of making my car filthy over the last few months - and I always seem to arrive there just after the water truck.

The cat council AGM is today and I didn't even go to that; still managed to get elected to the committee, though, after a panicked phone call from the new president who was having trouble getting people to stand.

Now watching the Clipsal 500 and trying to ignore things that need doing at home. My uniform wardrobe badly needs tidying, for one thing, and I want to finish cleaning out my pantry. One thing I have done is complete a preliminary application for solar panels for my house. The smallest system should halve my electricity bill each quarter, and will take around five years to pay for itself. A larger system will cost double, but should generate enough electricity to feed extra back into the grid after wiping my bill out entirely. Decisions - I hate'em.
Tags: decisions, v8 supercars, weather, weekend

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