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LJ is being a mongrel dog tonight so I don't know if I'll be able to post this... I've nowhere near finished reading through my flist, either. Pages wouldn't load at all - it seems to have come good now but is still terribly slow.

While waiting for LJ to behave itself, I entered a competition to win a trip to London. It involved obtaining quotes for house and car insurance, but I can put up with a bit of spam email (bound to result!) if it puts me on a plane to the UK.

Had a bit of a fright earlier tonight. Bodiecat was staring intently through the back screen door; I went over to see what had grabbed his attention, to find Fatty Kitten and Little Dot sitting on the back porch, staring in! I mustn't have closed the downstairs screen door properly, as they're neither of them clever enough to have worked out how to open it. (Unlike Bodie, who knows that if he stretches up and grabs the handle, freedom is his. When he's downstairs I have to put a brick against the door to keep him in.) Easy enough to catch Dot; she just sat there and let me pick her up. Her royal fatness was a different matter though! She took off down the back steps and I had to chase her backwards and forwards across the concrete (she won't set paw on the grass, doesn't like the feel of it.) Finally I cornered her between the side gate and the garbage bin, and back inside she went. This time I've put Bodie's brick against the door so she can't escape again.

Meeting tomorrow, followed by a team-building *cough* exercise; yes, we're going ten pin bowling. Should be fun! Better than being in the office, anyhow.
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