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All day I've been thinking about the new football team announced last night as the holders of the 17th NRL franchise - the Logan Leopards. I'm not a fan of NRL, but with a local team, I was thinking I could be converted to the game. On the radio this morning the supplier of the team jerseys was interviewed, and he was talking about the leopard print they'd used, and how they'd added a strip of synthetic fur to the shorts so the players could wipe their hands dry.

There was speculation that the coach could be Wayne Bennett, although Fatty Vautin seemed to have scored the role. A call was placed to Corey Parker, who refused to comment on rumours that he'd been offered the captaincy. The mayor of Logan City was in line for a phone call so she could discuss the benefits to Logan of having a major football presence.

The DJ was urging people to go to the radio station's website and look at the outfits. I really, really wish I had - otherwise I wouldn't have been walking out of work this evening and asking a co-worker if she planned on swapping allegiances now that there was a local team. She'd heard nothing about it. It wasn't until I started describing their uniform that the penny dropped....
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