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HIV discrimination, still.

There's an article in the Financial Review this weekend that really caught my attention. It concerns an ex-employee of Macquarie Bank who has just been sentenced to prison for insider trading, as follows -
While employed at Macquarie, he set up an account in Singapore, using inside information to trade on the Singapore Stock Exchange when he know Macquarie Investment Management intended to acquire large volumes of shares, pushing the price up. He apparently used his profits to purchase a $200,000 Porsche and an $800,000 apartment in Malaysia which he later sold for $1.3m.

I don't condone what he did; far from it. He held a position of trust that required absolute integrity and he abused it for personal gain. But what saddened me was this:
{name} was headhunted by Macquarie in 2004, but after contracting HIV following a casual sexual encounter he was too scared to tell his employer, fearful he would be fired....having been diagnosed in September 2005, he told Macquarie about his illness in May 2008. Macquarie told him his services were no longer required. He was paid $900,000. The thought of them basically paying him what amounts to hush money made me so angry - and more than 24 hours later I'm still angry about it. I wish he'd sued their arses off under the Australian Human Rights Commission Act which prohibits discrimination on the basis of medical records, among other things.
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