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In Which We Discover That Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks

I went out yesterday and bought a lawn mower, and today - for the first time ever - I mowed my lawn. How did I make it to this age without ever doing it myself? Well, my previous house had grass only on the footpath and it was easier to pay someone $15 per fortnight to mow it for me. Prior to that I had a husband who was a mad keen gardener (probably why I now resist it so much) and he treated the lawn mower as a Sacred Object which couldn't be defiled by girl germs. Which, I must admit, suited me perfectly.

I'm trying to look on the bright side of sacrificing an hour and a half every weekend for the rest of my life. At least it will be good exercise.

Then, to the subject of V8s and today's Sandown race. Mark Skaife was having his best race so far this year, up until someone nurfed Craig Lowndes. His car veered across the track, right in front of Skaife who had no option but to run over the Cat. Thereby removing both of my favourite drivers at one fell swoop.
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