miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

Lovely relaxing weekend just about over; nowhere to go and nothing much to do except potter around the house. I meant to study for an hour or so this morning, but became totally engrossed and ended up putting four hours' work into it, which means by the time Easter rolls around I should be up to doing my next assignment. Well what else are long weekends for?!

Once I'd put the books up I spent a couple of hours going through all of my work clothes, and just taking stock of the clothes I have for the upcoming winter. It's fun, sorting through outfits you've not seen for months. I shouldn't need to buy anything new this year. Afterwards I went through my casual clothes as well, and threw out stuff that has seen better days.

I have a dreadful memory for faces and as a result I'm usually hopeless at recognising actors in different roles. So I was really excited last night when, while watching Judge John Deed series six episode War Crimes, I was able to identify an actor playing an MP as the same guy who played a Slitheen MP in Doctor Who episode Aliens of London.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend too.
Tags: dr who, jjd, tv, weekend

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