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That bar keeps getting higher....

In the beginning there was the dollar target, for loans settled.
In the second year the dollar target was raised and the cross-sale target was added, and it was all good.
In the third year, a new target for fee collection and interest rate discretions was introduced, the dollar target was raised, and it was still good, although getting a bit harder.
In the fourth year, the target for individual cross-sales changed to a points target, with different products being given different point weightings. A local ladder was introduced, to rate everyone against their peers. And the dollar target was raised, and it was slightly off-key.
In the fifth year, due to the global financial crisis, the dollar targets and the cross-sale targets didn't increase, although the cross-sale target was divided into specific product targets to achieve; so many credit cards, so many life insurances, so many transaction accounts and general insurances and wealth referrals. The concept of "cover" was brought into play as well; at least five weeks' worth of target sitting approved awaiting settlement needed to be in place at any given time. And it was kinda good, if you were good at statistics and could keep the numbers straight in your head.
In the sixth year the dollar target was increased, and a new measure was introduced: the cross-sale ratio. So many products (2!) per loan sold. This was in addition to the cross-sale points, and the individual product targets, and the cover. And it was getting crappy fast.
In the seventh year nobody rested. The dollar target was increased, the cross-sale point target was increased, and another new measure meant we all stressed harder than ever - Productivity. No longer sufficient to meet all of the other benchmarks unless there are also three and a half loans approved every week.

Next year should be interesting, when they turn off the artificial gravity to our offices and replace our keyboards with Egyptian hieroglyphics.
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