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My solar power system is being installed early next month! I only ordered it last night, and their website said there was a 6-8 week delay but I had a call from them this afternoon, hoping to be able to install it next week. I need to be home, though, and I can't take a day off during the next fortnight so I made it for the week after that.

I've just realised - it's going to be a short week indeed. The Monday is Labour Day, I think, and the Friday is installation day - only three working days. The previous week will also only have three working days due to Easter and ANZAC day; I could get used to that.

And - my copy of Shut It! arrived. I've only had a quick flick through it so far and the Pros section looks very interesting indeed! I love all the little sub-headings throughout the episode reviews - Birds, Booze, Shooters, Motors, Non-PC Moments, Laughable Dialogue, and (my favourite!) Doyle Cooks a Bit of Pasta. Hee!
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