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The very bad, horrible, not-so-Good-Friday

When I went to bed last night I had a slight headache, not enough to stop me from getting to sleep but enough to take a couple of aspirin before diving under the covers. But when I woke at nine after a restless night I had a sledgehammer going in my head. It took an hour before I could even drag myself out of bed, out to the kitchen where I made a coffee, downed three aspirin and grabbed a bowl of cereal, thinking that if I ate something it might help. It didn't. I couldn't even face the coffee I'd made, instead curling up on the couch where I slept uneasily until after 2pm. One whole day of the long weekend, wasted!
I'd had such plans for today. A spot of gardening, and working on my assignment, were both high on the agenda. Instead, after I woke - and thankfully the hammering in my head had subsided, leaving me weak as a kitten - I stayed on the couch watching a dvd.
Friend came over this evening, bringing pizza, and together we watched Cars which I hadn't seen before. It was cute, but I kept getting pillows thrown at me for criticizing the racing - "He should have got a drive-through penalty for that!" and "Why is there a safety car on the track now?" - along with reminders that it's a kid's movie!
Anyway. Pizza, movie and company worked wonders and I'm feeling a whole lot better now. Let the weekend begin.
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