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This weekend was taken up by a cat show; setting up yesterday and then judging the domestics today, plus stewarding in the Longhair Cats ring. There was a bit of excitement at one stage, when the judging table decided to collapse just as I put a Maine Coon in front of the judge. Poor cat took off; as steward I was responsible for the control of him and luckily I was able to catch him just as he bolted under the tables supporting the cages. Now Maine Coons are not your average sized cats, and this gentleman was quite large - in the vicinity of 10kg at least - so it was quite pitiful to see him huddled, quivering, in the corner of his show cage afterwards. His owner came into the ring and tried to soothe and reassure him, and by the time the next judge came into the ring he had calmed down sufficiently to be judged without stress. Lucky, as an event like that can ruin a cat's show career.

This was my pick of the day, though; a gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat who played to the audience all day long. She was so outgoing, and pretty, and a lovely example of her breed. I'd have taken her home with me if I could have.


The picture doesn't do her justice, but she was such a busy little person it was hard to get a good shot of her.
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