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Fun. You WILL have it

It's been a bit of a weird week. Two interviews last Monday, both for internal roles, and I discovered that one of my best mates also applied for my preferred role. You know that awkward moment when you go to lunch with someone and discover you both applied for the same job? Yeah, that. Still, it's entirely possible that we both be successful as they are looking for two people, and TPTB know that we've worked together before and we get on fantastically, so one never knows. Of course it's also entirely possible that we both miss out!

Really flat-out most of the week but still getting home at a reasonable time for a change. I think I'm starting to realise that the world doesn't end if I don't clear my desk entirely before going home.

On Wednesday I caught up with my previous bosses - the two who were retrenched last October - and we had a very pleasant lunch. They've gone into business for themselves as mortgage/lending brokers, so if there's anything I can't approve due to policy, I'll flick it to them.

Tonight is "semi-compulsory fun night" for our market but I've managed to avoid it, by explaining that my sister is flying up from Sydney tonight. Which is quite true, except that she's not arriving until after 11pm so it's not exactly stopping me from attending.
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