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Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

Just some little bits and pieces I've come across lately that had me scratching my head.

"Discussion of sociopaths." (this warning was on a fic which contained the word "Sociopath" in its title.)

Another warning I stumbled upon - "Implied Sexual Abuse of a Seabird". (WTF? No, I didn't go there)

Also an advertisement for a microwave-safe scarf. Is this a common practice? Am I missing one of life's great experiences?

From a spam email - "I am tall and fail in complexion." I think you fail in English too, sweetheart.

"More Germans Die in Cucumber Outbreak." Okay, I know this is serious. I feel for the victims, and their families. But did anyone else just get a mental image of cucumbers, armed and dangerous, out on the streets? Move over Angry Birds, here come the Escaped Cucumbers.

The prize, though, goes to this little piece from the Financial Review last weekend:
"When it comes to designing and building sustainable homes, there are three main areas to consider: energy, water, materials and waste."
Our main weapon is surprise and fear....
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