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Not supposed to be saying, but...

it's friends-locked, and I think I'm safe posting here.

I had a call today offering me the lending role at our flagship branch in the city. I didn't have to think about it, just accepted it immediately as it means I'll be working under someone for whom I have the most tremendous respect (and let's face it, anyone who gives me an autographed poster of Craig Lowndes for my birthday has my respect, right? *g*). I can't tell anyone at my branch just yet, though, as my boss has to be notified first and he had a study leave day today. It's killing me keeping quiet about it! I want to dance around the branch and then come home and ring everyone with the news!

Instead I've spent the evening compiling a five-page report for my current boss, complete with footnotes and appendices, outlining my cross-sale performance vis a vis our market KPIs, analysing my strengths and weaknesses, identifying areas in which I could improve, strategies to bring about such improvement and creating an action plan with a clearly trackable timetable.
*sigh* I really really hope everyone else is having that much fun.

The transfer won't be effected until mid/late August, as it is dependent on the current lender switching to a new branch which is due to open then. I'd actually applied for the role in the new branch, which is also in the city, but the offered move suits me better, it's more of a sure thing.

ETA: No longer friends-locked, as it's no longer a secret.

So, I've broken my usual rule about mid-week alcohol and have had a little drinkie to celebrate tonight. Counting down the weeks now!
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