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"Australia - if you don't love it, leave!" That's the message on a bumper sticker I've seen around lately, and it's really disturbing. Sure, on the surface it's harmless enough - if you're moving here from overseas, you'd better decide you love your new homeland or you might as well go back where you came from. But look a bit deeper. Who wouldn't "love" Australia? The freedom of speech, the opportunity to get ahead, the beautiful countryside - I defy anyone to stand up and say they don't love Australia, after living here for a while. And that's not to say we have our problems, because we certainly do, especially in regards to our treatment of indigenous Australians over the centuries.
But this bumper sticker actually conveys a much darker meaning. What it's really saying is - you'd better assimilate, and quickly. We have no tolerance for you if you're different. You have to learn our ways, speak our language, worship our gods, revere our sporting teams. In fact, nothing short of complete assimilation is acceptable.
What are we, the Borg?
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