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One step closer

Back on the sixth of May, when my solar panels were installed, the installers told me I needed to get my meter box upgraded before the new system could be connected up. They gave me a quote, and I rang back the following week to give them the go-ahead to do the work. And I waited, and waited, and waited....
Then last Thursday, being the 30th of June and the day after which the government rebates were to drop, I rang to enquire when I might expect them to come out and actually do the work. I was told then that I was second from the top of the list; they'd been inundated with people wanting their systems installed prior to the reduction in the rebate and were concentrating on getting that work done.
Finally, today, I had a call to say that they'd be out today to do it, and because they'd kept me waiting so long they were going to give me a discount off the original quote. I've no idea how much of a discount, but anything at all will be pleasant! So sure enough they've been out and done the work, so now I just have to wait for the electricity commission to come out and hook up their new meter, which should be within two-three weeks. And then I'll see what happens with my electricity bills!
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