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In hot water

Jumped in the shower last night - and jumped straight back out again. The water was tepid at best, which meant a very quick wash and rinse. Figuring that the lack of hot water had to have something to do with the meter board upgrade last Wednesday, I rang the electrician this morning and to my surprise and delight he came straight away, even though it's Saturday.
Turns out my hot water system is fine but for some reason the relay in the meter box has stopped working. The electrician bypassed it, by hooking the hot water up to the "normal" supply rather than the off-peak, and he's sending through a request to the electricity comm to replace that relay when they come out to add their new meter for the solar.
I now have lovely, lovely hot water again. And the sparky pointed out how, prior to him rerouting my hot water system, my main meter was spinning backwards. That, he explained, was a result of the solar panels generating more electricity that what I was using. And that's what will be feeding back into the grid at a rate of 44 cents per kw/h as soon as Energex get their meter in place.
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