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In Which We Say Farewell, For A Week

This is probably going to be my last entry for a week. My sister flies in tomorrow with her daughter, while her husband and son are driving up. They're staying until Thursday so I dont' expect to have too much spare time.
Rotten day today. I had a headache all day yesterday which left me feeling quite miserable. It was gone when I got up this morning but came back full force during my drive to work. I couldn't bear the thought of sitting through another miserable day so at 10am I packed up and came home. Got an early start on my holidays! Once home I went back to bed and slept until 2pm. I would have tried to go back to sleep then but I was hungry and my head was throbbing, I needed to get up and eat, and take some painkillers. Just bummed around for the rest of the afternoon.
This evening I've posted a new fic to my fic journal, and fittingly it's a MFU piece. This week being the fortieth anniversary of it's first airing, and all.

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