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This week has dragged by, due, mainly, to the fact that my holidays start at 5.15pm tomorrow and I'm impatient for the week to go. I'm all packed (well, almost; still my netbook to pop in my bag) and ready to fly down to Sydney tomorrow night. I'll be spending the weekend with my sister - yay! Home again next week, and planning a few local things. For starters, doing my tax return, then on Wednesday the heater repairman is booked to come and fix my gas heater (for the third time. It's cost $370 so far and is still Not Fixed). Hoping to see the new Harry Potter movie as well.
The following week will include a visit to friends just south of the border (Mexicans!) as well as going into the city to visit my new branch. At this stage it looks as though my start date will be 29th August; I'm just starting to worry, though, that the person I'm replacing may decide not to move to his new branch at all, leaving me out in the cold. *shrug* Nothing I can do about that, though, except wait and see.
Meanwhile - holidays! \o/
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