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I'm back!! I hope. Last time I got this far but the post wouldn't actually go through, so crossing my fingers and hoping right now.

I took off for a few days to visit some interstate friends, and found that the church just up the road from them is for sale. It's here; on 16 acres, with a pecan plantation, it features a beautiful interior with rich wood panelling, cedar doors, and all that wonderful interior space. I'd love this, but at $845k it's a tad outside my price range *g*.

We've had some cold nights recently and it was even colder at my friends'. Not helped by their keeping the front and back doors open all night so the inside was no warmer than the outside. I don't understand how they don't feel the cold; I was so glad, on the morning I left, to get into my car and crank the heater way up just so I could get some feeling back into my feet.

What else? This week seems to have flown by, as holidays are wont to do. One accomplishment has me fairly pleased; I've started work on a new garden in the bottom corner of my yard. Tree ferns, birds nest ferns, some ground covers and a couple of miniature tibouchinas for colour, plus a paved path into the middle of it. Took some "before" shots, and will take some more photos in about twelve months' time for comparison.

My series 4 of The Chief arrived today, but according to amazon.co.uk the S3 of George Gently won't be released until September. I'm regretting ordering that, now, as I noticed on Wednesday that it's already available here. That's a turn-up; usually these things are released in UK long before they grace our shores!
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