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Bodie on my bed

Just because I haven't posted any pics of him for a good while, and he's grown into such a handsome little stud-muffin, and he looked so pleased with himself!


Also pics of my grand old lady, Saavik Crystal Singer, who at 15 is the oldest of my cats, and also the smallest. It's funny to watch her sometimes; she's always been a bit timid and one to run from confrontation with my other cats, but she refuses to take any crap from Bodie. He mock-bites her and tries to entice her into a game, but in reply he gets a slap in the face. It's hilarious. He's three times her size and could easily take her on but he beats a hasty retreat.


I like this photo of her, with her coat backlit by the sun. Two more:

Photobucket Photobucket
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