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In Which Very Little Happens

Weekend weather was glorious, it was like spring with temps in the mid-20s all weekend. Mornings still a bit chilly but as soon as the sun gets up the temperature starts climbing. Yesterday morning I took my coffee and newspaper out to the front porch and enjoyed the sun for an hour; what a way to start the day.

My super-fast internet connection was set up yesterday, and now it flies! I'm so pleased with this, should have done it years ago. It's a bit more of a monthly spend than I'm currently paying but it includes all phone calls - local, interstate and calls to mobiles - so it's not such a huge increase really, going from $80pm plus calls to $100pm inclusive.

I've been talking with a Norwegian Forest Cat breeder for a little while now about the possibility of a kitten, and last night she told me that she's 95% sure one of her girls is pregnant. And now to wait; if the cat is pregnant, the litter is due around the 12th September, so the kit will be ready to leave home in mid-late December. Happy Christmas to me! Of course, that's assuming that 1) cat is pregnant, and 2) that she has a little boy.

Today was basic cat maintenance day - grooming, claw clipping etc. Followed by cleaning out the wardrobe which is always fun.

And thumbs-up for this article which states The Tasmanian ALP State Conference passed a motion today to amend the Marriage Act to permit marriage between two individuals, regardless of sex, sexuality and gender identity. (bolding by me.) That leaves only NSW to wake up to themselves.
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